Microsoft is developing a terminal application for Windows OS which is currently in preview version and can be downloaded from Windows Store.

Check out their promo for Windows Terminal.

Looks interesting too.

You can customize the terminal by changing fonts and color schemes.

First of all open windows terminal and open Preferences by pressing Ctrl + ,

It will open a json file in your editor where you can change fonts and schemes for each shells. You can specify different fonts and schemes for each shells as well.

To change the font

Find “profiles” section in the json file. Look for fontface property in the profile, change it to different font by specifying the full font name in double quotes. Save and voila, font is changed for the current profile.

You can change font for each profile in the same way.

To change the scheme

First of all, select a scheme you like from these collection of schemes. When you like one, find that theme in the windowsterminal folder and copy the content of the file.

Open Preferences, search “schemes” section, paste the content and add a comma.

Now, again find colorScheme property in profile, change it to new scheme name, Ctrl + s and done. Color scheme of Windows Terminal is changed.