Browser extensions that I use

In this post I will be listing the browser extensions, that I use.

uBlock Origin

Now, who doesn’t know about uBlock Origin. If you don’t use/know about uBlock, it is an ad-blocker available for most web browsers.

Medium Unlimited

This extension allows a user to read unlimited stories from Medium without becoming a member(and paying). Medium is an excellent resource to get information from excellent writers. You can get information on almost any subject area.

They provide excellent resource, Please become a member if you can. I can’t pay them now so I am using this extension.

Dark Reader

Turns every page to have dark background(a sort of night mode for web-pages).

Notion Web Clipper

An excellent extension for Notion users. It allows to save a page into your notion database, without even opening notion.

Simple Translate by Sienori

For Chrome

For Firefox

IDM Integration Module

I don’t use this anymore. I switched to Pop!_OS.

Companion extension for Internet Download Manger.


A must have extension for anime lovers. It allows to keep track of anime and manga from different sites.

MAL-Sync is a powerful extension and userscript, which enables automatic episode tracking between MyAnimeList/Anilist/Kitsu/Simkl and multiple anime streaming websites.


Makes our good ol’ wikipedia to have a new look and easier to read with beautiful layout.