Customizing Windows Terminal

Microsoft is developing a terminal application for Windows OS which is currently in preview version and can be downloaded from Windows Store. Check out their promo for Windows Terminal. Looks interesting too. You can customize the terminal by changing fonts and color schemes. First of all open windows terminal and open Preferences by pressing Ctrl + , It will open a json file in your editor where you can change fonts and schemes for each shells.

Remove Ads Viber Desktop

Viber is currently pushing ads to their desktop applications, to block them you simply block the ads domains in the hosts file for your operating system. I will show the process for Windows operating system. First search for notepad in start menu and run as administrator by right clicking it. Open file menu and click Open, locate the hosts file at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc. If you are using any Linux based OS then the hosts file is located at /etc/hosts.

Ms Edge vs Firefox

Is Microsoft Edge faster than Firefox? For this purpose I will be using Microsoft Edge Dev and Firefox stable version. The bench-marking tool I will be using is Basemark Web 3.0. My machine is HP Pavilion Power 15 (cx-0056wm). I5-8300H 8GB RAM GTX 1050ti 4GB Let’s get started. First of all I will be running benchmark on browsers with a couple of extensions on, which I normally use. Then I will re-run the test again in incognito mode without any extensions enabled.

Browser Extensions I Use

Browser extensions that I use In this post I will be listing the browser extensions, that I use. uBlock Origin Now, who doesn’t know about uBlock Origin. If you don’t use/know about uBlock, it is an ad-blocker available for most web browsers. Medium Unlimited This extension allows a user to read unlimited stories from Medium without becoming a member(and paying). Medium is an excellent resource to get information from excellent writers.